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Jeff has dedicated his career to assuring that nobody gets left behind. 

Jeff Hayden currently serves as the Senator for Senate District 62 and was appointed the Deputy Majority Leader in 2012. He serves on the Capitol Investment, Elections, Health and Human Services (both policy and finance), and State and Local Government Committees. In addition he also serves on the Pensions Commission and the MNsure Oversight Commission. An effective voice and principled progressive, Senator Hayden has been at the center of important legislation throughout his time in the legislature. In the 2013-2014 biennium he authored a bill to ensure all children have access to school lunch, regardless of ability to pay; the HOME (Housing Opportunities Made Equitable) bill; and the first increase to the minimum wage in nine years. In 2014 he also co-founded the Select Committee on Disparities and Opportunities to find practical solutions to Minnesota's racial disparities.

Jeff Hayden was first elected as State Senator to Senate District 61 in an October 2011 special election. Prior to his election to the State Senate, Senator Hayden had served as State Representative to House District 61B since 2008. In the Legislature, Senator Hayden has advocated for the progressive political change that he has fought for in his community for decades, including issues on economic justice, and enacting a single payer health care system to cover every Minnesotan with quality affordable health care.

Senator Hayden has been active in his community, serving as Coordinator of the 38th Street Business Association. He has also served as Board Chair of the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood Association and Board Member of the Bryant Neighborhood Association.  Additionally, Senator Hayden is on the Board of the Amateur Sports Commission, the Council on Black Minnesotans and the Midwestern Legislative Conference Innovations Selections Committee.

He resides in the Bryant neighborhood with his wife Terri and their two children: Tomas and Sophia.

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Senator Hayden On The Issues



Budget / Economy / Jobs

“We need a budget that supports middle-class families and grows jobs, not one that pads the pockets of wealthy corporate CEOs at the expense of those who can least afford it. It’s time for the wealthiest Minnesotans to pay their fair share, and for our state to invest in new economic opportunities so that Minnesota can be competitive in the global economy and every Minnesotan who needs a job can get one.”

 - Jeff Hayden

As Senator, Jeff will prioritize:

  • Creating jobs and growing businesses within District 62 by partnering with Governor Dayton on specific strategies to expand economic development in our community. 
  • Advocating for a balanced budget that permanently solves our deficit by asking the wealthiest Minnesotans to pay their fair share.
  • Supporting neighborhood economic development with legislation to continue our recovery from the home foreclosure crisis. 
  • Raising the state's minimum wage to $9.50 per hour, indexed for inflation


“Minnesota has one of the highest achievement gaps in the nation. We are charged with a moral imperative to correct this injustice. As a product of the public schools, I've seen first-hand how too many of our students fall through the cracks. We should do right by our kids, and that means creating an education system that positions all Minnesota children for success.”

- Jeff Hayden

As Senator, Jeff will  prioritize: 

  • Seeking positive reforms that reduce the achievement gap while maintaining the highest standards for Minnesota educators. 
  • Advocating for significant education funding reform that adequately meets the needs of all Minnesota students. 
  • Ensuring public funds are going into the classroom by paying back the school budget shift, which forces school districts to engage in short-term borrowing.


“Protecting our environment goes beyond maintaining our quality lakes, streams and rivers. It also means ensuring we have safe drinking water so that our families and communities are healthy and safe. I will always side with protecting our environment over corporate polluters.”

- Jeff Hayden

As Senator, Jeff will prioritize: 

  • Being a consumer advocate and watchdog against corporate polluters. 
  • Working to provide adequate funding for programs that monitor water quality so that our lakes, streams, and drinking water are kept clean and safe.
  • Strongly opposing public and corporate investment that negatively impacts our communities.

Health Care

“Health care should not be a privilege of the few, yet with health care costs soaring, many Minnesotans find themselves unable to afford the care they need. I support comprehensive health care reform so that we can reign in escalating costs and ensure that every Minnesotan gets the care they need, when they need it.”

- Jeff Hayden

As Senator, Jeff will prioritize: 

  • Continuing to fight for the enactment of the Minnesota Health Plan (single-payer health care). 
  • Strengthening the Minnesota Care system developed by Senator Berglin. 
  • Working to fully implement President Obama’s Affordable Care Law, which will expand affordable coverage to thousands of Minnesotans while easing state budget strains. 
  • Remaining a leading advocate for children, families, and disabled Minnesotans who deserve strong representation and vigorous support at the Legislature. 


“All of us deserve a safe place for our families that we call home, yet the home foreclosure crisis and difficult economy continue to challenge our neighborhoods. We have a lot more work ahead to help people in our community and state secure affordable housing.”

- Jeff Hayden

As Senator, Jeff will continue to prioritize: 

  • Recognizing the home foreclosure crisis is not over and advocating for programs and services that put people first – not the banks – and working to close the homeownership gap.
  • Supporting increased resources for the Minnesota Housing Finance Authority to expand affordable housing options for families in need. 
  • Increasing consumer protections for homeowners and tenants as well as stiffen penalties against predatory lenders. 


“Better access to transit options will drive our economic recovery. We need to keep transit fares affordable. A balanced approach to investments in all modes in our transportation system will create jobs and keep our city and region competitive in the global economy.”

 - Jeff Hayden

As Senator, Jeff will continue to prioritize: 

  • Advocating for transit investments that keep down fare prices to keep public transit affordable for Minnesotans while fully funding transit operations and expansion.
  • Engaging Governor Dayton and the Minnesota Department of Transportation to facilitate better hiring practices for construction workers on transportation projects. 
  • Working to maintain and enhance safety on roads and bridges with adequate transportation investments.




Jeff has dedicated his career to uniting people and improving lives. 

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Organizations endorsing Jeff: 

  • Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party
  • Education Minnesota
  • Friends of Nurse Anesthetists
  • Laborers District Council of Minnesota / North Dakota
  • Minneapolis Federation of Teachers - Local 59
  • Minneapolis Firefighters IAFF Local 82
  • Minneapolis Municipal Retirement Association
  • Minneapolis Police Fraternal Association
  • Minneapolis Regional Labor Federation (AFL-CIO)
  • Minneapolis / St. Cloud Pipefitters Local Union 539
  • Minnesota Association of Professional Employees (MAPE)
  • Minnesota Dental Association
  • Minnesota Medical Association
  • Minnesota Nurses Association
  • Minnesota Professional Fire Fighters
  • Minnesota State Building Construction Trades
  • Minnesota State Council of UNITE-HERE
  • Minnesota State Patrol Troopers Association
  • Minnesota Trial Attorneys
  • North State Voluntary Contingency Plan
  • OutFront Minnesota
  • Planned Parenthood
  • Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis
  • Service Employees International Union - Minnesota State Council
  • Sheet Metal Workers Local Union #10
  • St. Paul Teachers' Retirement Association
  • Stonewall DFL
  • Teamsters Local 32 DRIVE
  • Teamsters Local 120

Elected Officials

  • Congressional Representative Keith Ellison
  • State Senator Scott Dibble
  • State Representative Karen Clark
  • State Representative Susan Allen

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